7 Chakras 7 Colors

The colors emit, according to their tonality, vibrations of different intensities that are perceived by the human body, which reacts physically and emotionally to them. Each color sends out a message, a stimulus, according to the frequency of its vibration that influences human beings whether we are aware of it or not.

Some colors are warm and stimulate us, like red, yellow and orange; others, on the other hand, are cool and produce relaxation, passivity, calm and harmony such as blue, green and violet.

Colors also have emotional effects, as manifested by many expressions that are used to refer to states of mind, such as “see things in black and white”, “feeling blue”, “grey mood” “be green”,  “turn red”, “in the pink”, “tickled pink”, “white with rage”.

Because emotional reactions can be produced by colors, many advertisements use them to achieve their persuasive ends. For example, burgers, along with many other food products, use for the designs of their packaging, the logos of their brands and the decoration of their premises yellow and orange tones because they stimulate the appetite. The color that encourages consumption is red, which is widely used in tobacco brands and other commercial products. White is used to counteract harmful effects, as a symbol of purity and innocence.

7 chakras brazalete
Bracelet 7 Chakras

Our perception of color is determined by the experiences of the forces of nature, and although there are various symbolic associations to color according to different cultures, and regardless of personal connotations, there seems to be emotional resonances with similar colors for all of us, for example, the blue of the sky that evokes amplitude, transparency and tranquility; the black of the night is related to darkness, serious and hidden things; the red of fire that is associated with strength and vitality; and the green at the beginning, the new and the hope. A gray autumn day can provoke melancholic feelings, while a sunset of spectacular orange tones can evoke an intense feeling of fullness.

In the physical and psychological effects of colors, different therapeutic approaches are based on the use of color as the main tool to help restore the balance of people, alleviate their suffering and increase their well-being.

The shi color, 7 chakras

Colors, like vibratory energies of light emitted to a certain frequency, are used and taken into account in the feng-shui to create harmonic atmospheres, to facilitate the tuning of the spaces with the activity for which it has been destined and to provoke feelings according to the aspirations of people who interact with a certain environment. The colors used in decoration have psychological and physiological effects on people who spend a lot of time exposed to color, with which a space has been decorated. Colors can be used to harmonize the five elements, balance the yin and yang energy and create moods.

Beyond the material of which each stone is composed, they also base their powers on the color nature has given them; therefore, it is important to know the attributes of each of them according to this characteristic.

7 chakras color rojo
7 Chakras Red Chakra: Root Chakra


Red stones have a particular effect when trying to eliminate concerns or when we manifest certain weaknesses for certain circumstances or specific events, and also provide us with encouragement, strength and courage to undertake actions.

Red Chakra: Root Chakra

Red is one of the colors of the Chakras and represents passion, instinct and desire. It is closely linked to our blood and is often associated with anger.

Red is the color of the Root Chakra, you can see how this is linked to the sexual center – not only the physical organs themselves, but also how we feel about our sexuality. This is our instinctive nature and the root has to do with our physical health and resistance (our vitality) once again what perfectly matches the red color and the attributes we give it.

Associated stones: ruby, red coral, garnet and red jasper.

Red coral:

Since ancient times, corals have been considered effective protection agents against the evil eye. They are recommended for those who face difficult situations, such as depression, panic attacks and stress, since they promote tenderness, serenity, peace , love, wisdom, good luck and mental focus.

7 chakras color naranja
7 Chakras Orange Chakra: Sacral Chakra


When we believe that there is a deficit of value or ideas in our lives, it will be the orange stones that fight this problem, adding just more vitality and creativity to carry out a project.

Orange Chakra: Sacral Chakra

Orange is the color of the Sacral Chakra and the tone of this one can be appreciated in a softened color. It symbolizes emotions, the need to flow and express oneself. It is also related to creative ability and change, not only for the physical act of creation or fertility, but also to the amount of creative expression in our daily lives. This center is also our magnetism, to attract the things we want and like in our lives.

Associated stones: amber and carnelian agate.


This stone is a powerful protector against envy, anger and resentment. It dispels apathy and motivates success in business,. It is excellent to restore vitality and strength. It activates the basic chakra.

Chakra Amarillo: Chakra del Plexo Solar
7 Chakras Yellow Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra


Yellow tones charge us with very positive energy, making it possible to have a very clear mind to face things, in addition to adding more luck into everything.

Yellow Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra is connected to our digestive system, the assimilation of energy and the “juice” we need to survive from the food we eat. This chakra can often be related to people who constantly perform various tasks or projects, they can use it at any time. It can mean a brilliant intellect, which helps others to act in an active way.

Associated stones: citrine quartz and tiger’s eye.

Tiger eye:

The Tiger Eye combines the energy of the earth with the energies of the sun to create a high vibratory state that, although grounded, attracts the spiritual energies towards the earth. Balances the lower chakras, stimulating the rise of Kundalini energy.

It is a protective stone that has traditionally been worn as a talisman against curses and bad wishes.

Chakra Verde: Chakra del Corazón
7 Chakras Green Chakra: Heart Chakra


A life full of peace, tranquility and relaxation is what helps us get the green stones, it also connects us with nature and evokes balance.

Green Chakra: Heart Chakra

Green indicates a humanitarian and compassionate nature. It is related to natural cycles and the rhythms of life. It is the natural color of healing and it’s organic in its associations with the outdoors and Mother Nature. Normally, people who show a green aura “speak from the heart” and can be very expressive with their hand gestures, while explaining and talking about the topics they enjoy.

Associated stones: Emerald, prehnite, green quartz, Malachite and olivine.


It is said that malachite promotes the sense of aesthetics, sensuality, and beauty, friendship and justice. It eliminates inhibitions and stimulates the expression of feelings. It is an important protection stone that easily absorbs negative energies, is a stone of transformation, encourages us to be more adventurous, to take risks, favors imagination and determination.

Chakra Turquesa: chakra garganta
7 Chakras Turquoise Chakra: throat chakra


Turquoise allows us to fight witchcraft and get rid of the evil eye, offering us a lot of protection to fight against these evil forces.

Turquoise Chakra: throat chakra

It is located in the throat area. This chakra is associated with communication and creativity. Honesty, kindness, knowledge and wisdom can be expressed from this chakra.

Associated stones: Turquoise, angelite, chalcedony and blue topaz.


A hand that carries a turquoise never knows Poverty. It brings inner calm and stimulates romantic love. Known as the stone of joy and well-being. Good for travelers, it is a protective stone and has been used to make amulets since time immemorial. It prevents against spells and black magic. Turquoise fosters spiritual harmony and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds. By placing it on the third eye, it enhances intuition and meditation. On the throat chakra it activates old vows, inhibitions and prohibitions and allows the soul to express itself again.

Chakra Indigo: Chakra Tercer Ojo
7 Chakras Indigo Chakra: Third Eye Chakra


A blue stone will allow us to develop our intuition, as well as help us to establish a better contact with our divinity or our god.

Indigo Chakra: Third Eye Chakra

Indigo or violet is the color of the third eye and is often associated with magical or mystical theories and kingdoms. This is, of course, about your intuition, your psychic abilities, as well as the deepest corners of your mind and imagination. It is the link with the imagination that expresses itself so powerful. It is not the idle imagination of fantasy dreams, but the creative imagination to harness the power of your thoughts and the subconscious mind to direct your life in the direction you really want it to go.

Associated stones: Lapis lazuli, sodalite, iolite and sapphire.


Sodalite is the stone indicated for self-centered, vain people. It helps to understand the problems of others. It is useful in conflicts with the ego and in those related to the archetype of the father. It awakens the self-healing mechanisms that all people have. Recommended during separations. It expands the consciousness. Gives understanding and clarity of thought.

Chakra Violeta: Chakra de la Corona
7 Chakras Violet Chakra: Crown Chakra


Violet color takes us out of our state of restlessness or sadness to give us just the state of tranquility and peace that we crave.

Violet Chakra: Crown Chakra

Again, this is a mystical color and is seen as a very spiritual color. This color conveys our ability to know our true purpose and balance with the spiritual being that we know with the physical body in which we can see and touch. There is a certain wisdom and tranquility, the acceptance that comes with this color in its “positive aspect”. This positive aspect could indicate that someone has dissociated himself from the physical reality of everyday life.

Associated stones: Amethyst, diamond and rock crystal quartz. Meanings and associations of the colors of the Chakras.


It is an extremely powerful stone of protection, with a high spiritual vibration. It protects agaisnt psychic attacks.* Transmutes the energy into love, becoming a natural tranquilizer. It is very beneficial when it is placed over the throat or the heart. It is beneficial for the mind and helps you relax. The amethyst improves memory. Placing an amethyst under your pillow helps to reconcile and remember your dreams.

todos los chakras

Meanings and associations with the colors of the Chakras.

It is an increasingly broad theme and color can be used effectively in the balance of your chakra energy and the aura as a whole, we must also remember that the colors of the 7 Chakras can serve to balance our spirit.

7 chakras brazalete

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