Benefits of intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting benefits Benefits of intermittent fasting: Intermittent fasting or IF (intermittent Fasting) is a nutritional model. A way of eating, which is based mainly on periods of fasting and periods of food intake. This type of food or this strategy has multiple benefits for our body and our health. In other words, intermittent fasting […]

Leo’s anger, what makes this zodiac sign angry?

ira de Leo

Leo’s anger is unleashed at not getting what they want, especially after they have planned and worked hard on something. However, they may be angry and not express it, at which point they are cold and not angry. If the situation is extreme, they can discreetly try to take down the person who disturbed them, […]

Tourist attractions in New York: Get to know the most important

Here are the most important tourist attractions in New York that you should not miss. Read on. Statue of Liberty We could say that the Statue of Liberty is not only one of the main tourist attractions in New York, but also the emblem of the nation. A beautiful and enormous French lady, 46 meters […]

The energy of money: Know this energy and attract it

Money is a form of energy, our universe is vibrational, everything vibrates, everything is energy and we attract that which aligns with our own vibration. To attract the energy of money, after removing hidden beliefs, programming that we have received for years, we must send vibrations in accordance with it. In this opportunity we recommend […]

Greasy hair: Home remedies to combat it

cabello grasoso

The fatty scalp and greasy hair are quite common. It is only the natural oil that protects and nourishes your hair. However, an abnormally fatty scalp can be a problem. It makes your hair feel sweaty, greasy, and dirty all the time, regardless of the frequency with which we wash our hair. Sometimes, too fatty […]

Bad breath: effective home remedies to eliminate it

El mal aliento

Bad breath or halitosis, as it is known medically, can be embarrassing and can cause a person to withdraw and feel very self-conscious. It is a common myth that bad breath originates in the mouth and ends there. It can also be caused by different conditions on the tongue, nose, gums, tonsils, digestive tract, stomach, […]

Back acne: homemade remedies and tips to prevent it

Acné de espalda

The back acne is considered an acne form moderately severe. Although the medical treatment is necessary, can also be supplemented with certain homemade remedies. For this, then, we will tell you some of the best homemade remedies to treat the back acne, as well as tips to prevent the appearance of this type of acne. What is […]

The Sydney Opera House: 13 Fun Facts You Should Know

La Ópera de Sidney

The Sydney Opera House is one of Australia’s most iconic buildings in the world, so no trip to this country is complete without visiting it. This is a fascinating building, which is located on the shores of Sydney Harbour, and which is famous mainly for its architectural beauty, which has earned it the acknowledgement of […]

Things you probably had no idea about opals

Cosas que probablemente no sabía sobre los ópalos

About opals we know that they are really beautiful and fascinating gemstones like no other. For, in them it is possible to see many colors shining unpredictably in a single stone. To which we must add the fact that, unlike most of the gemstones that exist, opals are amorphous. This means that they do not […]

Dark lips: beauty tips and how to treat them

labios oscuros

The problem of dark, pigmented, or black lips is very common, and the truth is that many of us long for soft, smooth and pink lips. If it happens to you, you are probably wondering, why are your lips darkening? Why does the so-called lip discoloration occur? They could be due to a lack of […]