For many years we have heard predictions about alien invasions. Some have seen in the distance, what if the change happens in your door or in the next town?

In Argentina, between the towns of Cachi and La Poma, live people who claim to live in sacred spaces, since, in their homes a “Pleiadian bases’ are installed. These human beings claim to be human personification of extraterrestrial beings from somewhere in the universe. It is noted that the Pleiadians are a type of alien race described by certain contacted in the world of ufology and more recently as part of the beliefs of the New Age. They say they are a group with various roles and responsibilities, including the guardians of the Earth and this solar system.

These people say they arrived in the province to announce the “end of an evolutionary cycle” between messages of peace and called to return to the primitive simplicity. There is no evidence filmed of the material and in a recent interview given to a reporter that he was waiting by his “brothers of light,” they warned the visit.

According to media in the region, there are over 30 Pleiadian and in that province only two communities: one in Cafayate, a town of the Calchaquí valleys, and it discovered at the top (a high plateau mountain), on land willing to walk and pray to the aliens.

To reach the village must go through a couple of gates and walk over rough roads to reach your destination, when you arrive you are announced by a bell hung on a pole.

Whenever we reach the end of a great evolutionary cycle, usually every 5,200 or 26,000 years, the Pleiadians Light Emissaries made public themselves, come to talk about where we are in our evolution and what the world needs to take the next steps. This information concerns not only our planet, but individuals who have a personal connection with the Pleiadians.

In Ancient Egypt many Pleiadians took human body, their common goals were the overall evolution of the planet and the human race, as well as, store enough superior knowledge here on Earth for the “Great Awakening”. Of course, in Ancient Egypt they were not civilized ones who were able to receive these gifts.

This Argentine community has large tracts of land, but do not perform any commercial exploitation. The grounds are used just for walk, for pray and for extraterrestrial contact. They have stars and circles, according their people, are sacred spaces and you must enter barefoot. “Here we pray and talk to them,” he says pointing to the sky.



  1. Zöe says:

    It is incredible that there is an entire community that devote themselves to this occurrences. Very interesting.

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