The physical beauty of modern women requires a set of care and preventions, which range from balanced diets and physical exercise, as well as the use of creams, oils, natural products that are consumed in solid form or in beverages. In this way, certain recipes are imposed that are promoted through the media and social networks with the aim of guiding that woman who tries to keep her presence as best as possible.

In this way, we will describe some of those recipes or tips that many celebrities give through their social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others, in order to give you the opportunity to test them on your bodies and decide which of them you find more favourable.

Let’s start with the recommendations related to the balanced diets that many celebrities follow, where fruits and vegetables have an important place because they provide the body with the energy balance that is needed.

So we have that one of the most famous women that emphasizes the diet based on fruits and vegetables is the actress Uma Thurman, who maintains a healthy diet based on these natural products, in addition to taking infusions of plants such as mint, among others.

In this same wave we have the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who takes great care of herself, sustaining this care on a macrobiotic diet, which does not allow the consumption of meat, dairy products, coffee, sugar or cereals. Notably, she is a true advocate of exercise routines to tone her body, besides she never smokes or drinks alcohol.

Therefore, adequate nutrition protects the body against disease, in addition to maintaining a stylized figure and a healthy skin, avoiding excess fat, stretch marks and varicose veins, etc., since by having an impact on the entire body, the benefits manifest themselves in its different parts.

But, when we talk about skin care as one of the most important concerns of women, we must consider the acquisition of non-traditional creams and oils that provide essential nutrients to keep it healthy.

Such is the case of the always beautiful Jennifer Aniston, who applies Vaseline on her eyelids every night, moisturizing this area that is very prone to fill with wrinkles, and that also keep lashes abundant and beautiful. In addition, Aniston applies a special cream for haemorrhoids every morning, with which an effective anti-inflammatory of the eyes is achieved. It is worth mentioning that Sandra Bullock has stated that she also uses this cream.

Other famous as Emma Stone use baking soda to exfoliate her skin, which, according to the actress, leaves the skin very clean, without makeup residue and it is much better than expensive soaps or creams. So as you can see, some famous women also enrol in the list of women who prefer some homemade recipes to stay always beautiful and splendid.

It is obvious that most women are aware of what their face looks like, since it is the window of presentation in the environment where they operate, especially when it comes to famous women who are exposed daily to photographers and paparazzi’s lens who look for the news and try to catch them in-fraganti at any time, so they must try to look good, especially in those moments that they are not wearing any makeup.

In this way, a famous and beautiful actress like Scarlett Johansson cannot afford to go out untidy and without toning her face, so she takes the precaution of washing her face every day with apple cider vinegar, because this wonderful liquid, according to the actress, makes the skin have a perfect balance with the natural PH.

On the other hand, Julia Roberts intensifies the care of her skin with special emphasis on her face, neck and hands, so she applies honey masks with milk on her face and neck, and every week she makes a ten-minute wash in her hands using olive oil and lightly massaging the fingers and the palm of her hand so as to soften the skin and improve the appearance of cuticles and nails.

Passing now to hair care, we have that using fruits for hair has become a habit of famous women such as the actress Nicole Kidman, who elaborates a mix of different fruit cocktails, which she applies before shampoo in order to preserve brightness and colour; so according to the colour she is wearing at that time, she selects the fruit for the cocktail; for example, she uses cranberries when wearing a red tone, or a sparkling one as beer when wearing it blond, as the super famous model Claudia Schiffer does, who bathes her hair in beer once a week.

Regarding water consumption as a basic recommendation to keep the body healthy and especially a moisturized skin, most of famous women turn to the habit of consuming to at least about 8 glasses of water per day, in addition to avoiding exposure to the sun, as the model Kate Moss does, who bets to stay away from the sun as much as possible, in addition to taking more than two litres of water a day, and removing makeup before bedtime with special oils to properly hydrate the skin.

This habit of not sunbathing is one of the most deep-rooted customs of the famous singer Madonna who, according to her own words, is a true defender of oxygen therapy, that is a therapeutic technique based on the administration of oxygen at concentrations higher than those of the environment in order to treat or prevent the symptoms and manifestations of hypoxia or oxygen deficiency in the blood, which makes the body does not work perfectly, originating diseases and ailments.

On the other hand, Milla Jovovich is another famous that defends the thesis of drinking plenty of water to stay healthy, in addition to taking baths with warm water, to later apply moisturizers throughout her body, and of course faithfully attend her exercise routines in the gym.

Going on with the homemade masks that famous women frequently use, we have that the actress Demi Moore, who has always had beautiful, smooth and shiny hair, confesses that she uses almond oil before applying the shampoo; besides she applies face masks of this oil with 250 grams of natural yogurt for about 20 minutes once a week. In addition, it is rumoured that the protagonist of “Ghost” uses leeches to detoxify her blood and opt for a better state of her body, which is reflected externally by looking much younger.

And the always beautiful and sensual Eva Longoria says that she only uses sugar and olive oil to make a mask, which she applies on her face with circular massage over the entire area, especially in the eyelids that are more susceptible to wrinkles.

A special case is that of the actress Teri Hatcher, who is already over 50 years old and remains splendid, and when she was asked how she achieves it, she affirms that she enjoys bubbling baths in a hot tub where she adds red wine, which is an effective natural antioxidant. But she also drinks it frequently, since it is very effective for the prevention of heart problems.

For her part, the beautiful and famous Halle Berry says she adds coffee to the liquid soap she uses to bathe to exfoliate her skin and to help blood to circulate, thereby ensuring that it fights cellulite.

In this list of body care, one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses, Angelina Jolie could be missed, who has a diet based on specially prepared foods, besides applying caviar on her face to keep her young and firm. Also, to fight stretch marks and varicose veins, she applies a cream based on sturgeon fish eggs, while maintaining a rigorous yoga and Pilates routine.

In this same wave it is Karolina Kurkova, who is one of the “top models” of the moment, who says that her secret to staying slim is practicing “kickboxing” and yoga, but that she eats everything.

The young actress Blake Lively for her part claims that she moisturizes the ends of her hair with mayonnaise before showering to get a hydrated and shiny look of her famous hair, which is one of the aspects that causes the sensation of the actress, who also adds that it has been one of her mother’s beauty tricks. And if Blake Lively uses mayonnaise, Sienna Miller does not stay behind, and she opts for ketchup, as it seems that tomato sauce helps her to recover the natural colour of her hair after having gone through many different discolorations and dyes.

The list could be very long, but the space does not allow us to extend too much, so we are going to close with two women who always look spectacular; Jennifer Lopez who on several occasions has stated that her beauty secrets are based first on sleeping the necessary hours, at least eight hours a day, doing a lot of exercise, practicing yoga, drinking lots of water, and using placenta-based facials, which absorb the protein and iron extracts.

The last actress we will mention is Jane Fonda, an icon of the world of cinema, famous for her exercise sessions, and which has remained during her 80 years old with an appearance of many years less. And according to the experts, apart from her genes, a strict diet, intense exercise routines and operations, a basic element to keep herself is the injections of testosterone, which are male hormones.

So friends, analyse all these alternatives, complement the information, and decide which pieces of advice you consider most advisable and effective, apply them and see what the results are. The important thing is to take care of yourself naturally, feel good about yourself; and as I always remind you, it’s all about attitude.