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Bizarre money superstitions people believe

Supersticiones sobre dinero

Superstitions abound all over the world and of course superstitions about money are among the most popular. They run the gamut from the unbelievable to the silly and bizarre. But whether we believe or not we all want a little extra luck, especially when it comes to money. Especially, if you consider yourself superstitious, you […]

Dreaming of snakes: meaning and symbolism

Soñar con serpientes verdes

Dreaming of snakes can be a bit scary for some. Since these creatures are sometimes associated with the negative and evil. But the truth is that snakes commonly symbolize transformation. If you have dreamed of snakes lately it could be a sign that some changes are coming in your life or environment. Would you like […]

Libra woman: traits of her personality

mujer Libra

The Libra woman is one of the most intelligent, flirtatious, charming and friendly of the zodiac. She is synonymous with elegance and femininity, but she also has a wild side. It is represented by a scale. So you have two different sides of her personality that work together to get what she wants. Would you […]

Interpretation of dreams and psychology

interpretación de los sueños

The interpretation of dreams is something that psychologists have trouble agreeing on. Many believe that dreams point to unconscious desires. While others advocate a cognitive approach in which dreams reflect different parts of our waking life. The truth is that dreams are vital for living beings, according to some research. Interrupting the dreaming process could […]

Cancer woman: personality traits, love and work

Mujer Cáncer

Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon, therefore her mood changes very quickly just like the moon phases. Her ruling element is water, which explains her deeply connected intuition and her natural way of being in touch with her emotions. She can be emotional, stubborn, obedient, fierce, volatile, passive and obedient at the same time. […]


Mujer Escorpio

Scorpio woman is the most beautiful and mystical in the zodiac. She is mysterious and irresistible. She can be peaceful or tempestuous, depending on her mood. It could be believed to be a fire sign because of her fierce independence. But, the truth is that Scorpio woman is a deeply emotional and sensitive water sign. […]


La mujer Acuario

Aquarius woman is peculiar, enigmatic, unpredictable and independent. This means that she does not like people telling her what to do. But if you need her help, she will always be ready and willing to help. She cares about her neighbor, be it man, woman, child, animal or environmental cause. She likes to travel, she […]


mujer sagitario

Sagittarius woman attracts many, as she is known for her friendly and easy-going personality. She captivates everyone with her positive attitude towards life and an energy that normally radiates to the people around her. Do you want to know other aspects of her personality? What is she like at work, family and love? Keep reading! […]


El Stellium Signos del Zodiaco Conjunción Carta Natal

The stellium, also known as satellitium, is a little-known astrological trait that could be very important in our lives. Since, it means the presence of several planets in a single sun sign, at the time of our birth. Which gives us a mixture of interests, problems, challenges, and gifts. In fact, this could explain why […]