Nowadays there is a huge amount of objects that represent the digital age, and kids are the protagonists when it comes to their use. We can see kids surfing the net, playing a game or using a cell phone everywhere. They are the kings of knowledge when it comes to these new “games”.


We may not realize what this represents, or what this addiction means, or how they submerge into a parallel world that isolates them from their family, so that they’re not able to listen or understand what’s happening in reality, because their reality is in those electronic devices. It’s a virtual reality that makes them talk, think and act like the characters that become their main focus.


The opportunity of playing soccer with cousins and friends in the afternoon, developing their body’s abilities and playing in the dirt, spending a day at the beach, jumping or surfing waves, fishing, climbing a mountain or drinking water from a waterfall, looking at the stars at night and making a campfire to get warm, all belong to the past.


Doctor Ruipérez, pediatrician, says that “Electronic devices can become a source of entertainment for them, but their excessive use may cause serious health problems that are easy to prevent”. She adds that “There are not many advantages to videogames, but the truth is that children may intensify their inductive-deductive skills. Logic, visual skills and speed are stimulated in reflex actions.”


One of the main problems related with sedentism is obesity, one of the biggest problems of children who are addicted to videogames, which increases the risk of heart diseases, high levels of cholesterol or hypertension, which is latent in children who are addicted to videogames.


Education can change this situation. Deep changes in the educational process must be made through alternative educational proposals and teaching tools that match the requirements of today’s society. It’s not about using a digital board, but to use the resources in a different way, changing the educational method to match the reality, so that it’s not outdated.




  1. Derek Burrows says:

    Story of my life, me and my wife struggle with this on a daily basis because we both have jobs which make a little difficult to become involved 100% in our kids’ activities, and they have all kinds of devices. But thanks to the advice on this article, we choose to make more time for them…after all, Who doesn’t need a good soccer game one in a while?

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