Dress codes are used widely at different events and occasions. Their purpose is to establish how people should dress at a party or meeting. This may seem easy, but the truth is that there are many types of dress codes and there can be some confusion. Also, we are at risk of dressing inappropriately for the occasion.

Códigos de vestimenta Dress codes

Have you ever received an invitation and do not know how to dress according to the dress code? It is just not easy to distinguish between all the “dress codes” that exist. Casual, casual elegant, semi-formal, black tie, creative black cobra and many others. It can be overwhelming. Luckily, we bring you a guide to know what the different dress codes are. So that getting dressed for a certain event doesn’t become a nightmare, just keep reading!

What are the dress codes?

Dress codes are a set of rules regarding the clothing that must be worn to an event. These standards are grounded in social and cultural perceptions and vary according to the purpose, circumstances and occasion. Likewise, these dress guidelines will also depend on the climate, the place and the customs. Usually, these codes are set out in the invitations so that the attendees know in advance how they should be dressed.

However, here are some of the dress codes, beginning with the most elegant and formal and ending with the most informal. Read all about it!

Strict “white tie” etiquette

Códigos de vestimenta Dress codes
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The white tie has the highest level in the dress code, it must be dressed from the top to the bottom. A long party dress is absolutely essential for this glamorous occasion. If it’s fluffy it’s better. Traditionally, long gloves have also been worn with this dress code. However, today they are more optional.

“Creative” Black tie

Creative etiquette is one of the most fun dress codes you can experience. Choose a formal dress with outstanding details, such as an interesting shape or drape, unique embellishments or appliqués, or unusual fabric.

Optional “Black tie”

You can pour more elbow grease here than in the semi-formal, and a bit more open and relaxed than in the back tie. In essence, to choose an outfit for this dress code, you must look formal without looking like you’re going to an award show. Choose between a long dress that rubs the ankles and flashy jewellery. Alternatively, you can opt for a very formal cocktail dress to get this dress code right.

Etiquette or “Black tie”

This is a dress code that is quite strict for men, but more passive for women. To dress in “black tie”, a good option is a dress that is long enough to the ground. While you may wear a formal cocktail attire, ideally a very refined long dress should be worn. Choose a sophisticated look with a simple, feminine silhouette in a sober, elegant colour.

Semi-formal dress code

Dress codes

Semiformal can be one of the most complicated dress codes to choose from. It is a touch below the optional dress code and slightly above the cocktail attire. With a classic black dress, this is a quick and easy way to get this code right. Choose a knee-high or above-the-knee dress that is polished and elegant. Make sure the hem ends no less than two inches above the knee.

Festive dress code

All events that specify this dress code require cocktail attire with an appropriate party feel. It is usually worn at Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. For an evening full of fun and dancing, choose a cocktail dress. Think sequins, jewellery and festive colours such as red and green. Remember, it’s important to stay stylish.

Cocktail Dress Code

One of the best known dress codes as it is a standard code for parties. It requires an above-knee dress and high heels. Choose a cheerful but elegant party dress that is not too revealing. You do not want to look vulgar. Wear interesting colours, embellishments and cuts, but keep them sophisticated. If you’re hesitating, a classic black dress will always work.

Elegant dress code on the beach

These are the types of dress codes that are used according to the location of the event. It is generally used for beach weddings and outdoor social events. This is a dress code that mixes comfort and style. The safest options are a flowing long dress with a modern print or a stylish long jumpsuit. Wear little jewellery and as for hair and makeup, these should be well polished to enhance the look. The most recommendable shoes are wedges if the event is on the grass and flat shoes if it is on the beach.

Informal business dress code

Business casual wear is a standard dress code for offices. This term can be varied according to the workplace, but usually refers to clothing that is appropriate for the office and is worn without being too formal. Try to look refined with some more relaxed and edgy touches. An excellent choice for casual business wear is black trousers, a fun blouse and some light jewellery.

“Smart casual” dress code

Códigos de vestimenta Mujer

This is the midway point between elegant casual and business casual. This means that you can no longer wear jeans, but neither should you wear a stylish suit. A pencil skirt, a top and a nice jacket in bright colours is always a great option. You can also wear heels or elegant flat shoes to complete the look.

Elegant casual dress code

It is also known as casual chic or elegant casual. The dress code is a little more elegant than the casual look and can show a little more style. This is why you should choose nice clothes, such as a skirt and a short-sleeved shirt with buttons. Include all kinds of accessories, jewellery, scarves, sandals and extravagant hats. You can also wear jeans combined with heels, a look that never fails!

Informal dress code

One of the most relaxed dress codes. It is a matter of dressing in whatever you feel most comfortable. Whether you like to wear jeans and a T-shirt or a skirt, shirt and trainers, you’ll love this style code. Dressing casually means you don’t have to wear heels or overdo it with accessories. The more relaxed and stylish you are, the better! It is important not to confuse casual with casual – don’t wear your gym clothes or pyjamas!