There are exquisite gifts for demanding women, but definitely everything depends on how much you know the personality of that woman you want to please, to surprise and to make happy and completely satisfied with the gifts received. In this sense, we will be guided by what most women love, such as jewelry, clothing, shoes and perfumes. We would dare to say that statistically these would be the most exquisite gifts for those modern, feminine and demanding women.

mujer regalo lazo

Obviously, those exquisite gifts for demanding women must be accompanied by a good bouquet of flowers, some exquisite chocolates and a card with beautiful words that impact her emotionally. But let’s describe what those exquisite gifts would be like.

For example, every modern, feminine, flirtatious and elegant woman cannot lack jewels, let’s say that, together with clothes and footwear, they are the elements that women usually wear the most, they are the faithful companions of their outfits and their style, so these are exquisite gifts that they will always value.

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Generally, women prefer a good necklace, a bracelet or a ring for that special occasion; for example, for their birthdays, Mother’s day, St Valentines’ day, wedding anniversary, etc., and even more if they are demanding, you should buy jewels with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds or rubies; and if the budget is not very high, you could settle for small rings and earrings that do not require very large stones and so the cost decreases, but as long as the jewel is of good quality and taste, as they detest imitations and ordinary jewelry.

If you decide to give a jewel as a gift to a demanding woman and you do not know which her favourite ones are, it is advisable to inquire about her personality and observe very well the type of jewelry she often wears in order to buy that suits her style.

Demanding women are bags or purses lovers, which are their greatest allies, since they make them look their outfit, in addition to taking in them their makeup, jewelry, documents, etc; so a woman cannot leave without her bag or purse, and giving her one would be a sure move.

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Of course, for those demanding women it is not enough that it is just any bag, it will have to be one of quality, exquisite and that is in accordance with her personality, if she is classic, modern, practical, sexy, avant-garde, everyone will know. It must be chosen according to the material, size and color, so you must observe her style and way of dressing and, depending on that, you can decide on one or the other.

Another of the gifts that every demanding woman likes are shoes, because they never hurt, and they always want to have many options when it comes to dressing; however, one ideal type of shoes for many occasions are Chelsea ankle boots both in black and brown, as they adapt to all kinds of attire, or if not elegant heels ideal to go to the office or an important event.

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On the other hand, modern and elegant women love coats, and you will give her an exquisite gift if you give her a checked coat, which is the trend most followed this season, in addition to fur coats, usually synthetic.

But without a doubt, the exquisite gifts that are worn together with jewerly, the jackpot, are perfumes; or tell me that woman does not die for a perfume of the most famous brands, with that special aroma that fits her personality; and if that gift is accompanied by a jewel that fits like a glove, you would be gaining all the admiration of that demanding woman, accustomed to always wearing the best. For this reason, we present some of the best and best selling women’s perfumes, which will surely be exquisite gifts for demanding women:

Let’s start with “Coco madeimoselle” by Chanel, which is a fresh perfume based on vanilla, orange, rose, grapefruit, bergamot, musk and patchouli, which is contained in a classic, elegant and subtle packaging, which make it one of the most famous and desired by modern and elegant women.

Another exquisite gift would be a bottle of “Flower by Kenzo”, characterized by its red flower (Bulgarian rose), with a fragrance composed of pink pepper, vanilla and white musks combined with star flower.

One of the favorites of modern and daring women is CK One by Calvin Klein, which is composed of a mixture of tea, bergamot, transparent flowers and a touch of pineapple on a background of musk and amber.

The perfume “Carolina Herrera Traditional” is the classic and emblematic perfume of this brand, with a fragrance with notes of berries and oranges, center of wood and fresh leaves mixed with cardamom, rose and pepper, as well as a base of vanilla, amber and cashmere.

But, 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden is the favorite one of those looking for something classic and feminine. Its base notes are sandalwood, vanilla and musk from Tibet, and the main ones are ylang-ylang, tuberose from India, the Bulgarian rose and jasmine.

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger has a bold, dynamic and modern aroma, with a perfect combination of tangerine, camellia, mint, apple, blackcurrant, honeysuckle, magnolia, sandalwood and cedar.

Lady Million is a perfume with a bold and rebellious fragrance, which reflects luxury and audacity. This perfume by Paco Rabanne comes in a bottle that resembles a gold ingot in the shape of a diamond, with a fragrance that smells like wood, with notes of bitter orange and raspberry and hints of jasmine and orange blossom.

Finally, we have the famous “The one” by Dolce and Gabbana, which has lily heart notes, as well as bergamot, tangerine acid, lychee and peach, seated in base notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood.