Gemini is a sign of air that is governed by the planet Mercury and has always been under a controversy, as it is said that people who belong to this sign have a double personality, as shown by its symbol: the twins. According to astrologers, Gemini are versatile, inconstant, intellectual, changing, studious, very curious, have great manual ability, are adaptable and have a double personality.

When it comes to Gemini’s double personality, most people think they are two-faced, that they are nice and friendly when they are in front of you but act different when you turn around. That could be called hypocrisy, falsehood, deceit, etc. But, that is really unfair and incorrect, because most experts do not agree with that; they believe they have a dual nature.

Now, it is also wrong to say that Gemini has a double personality. The dual nature of this sign speaks of its extroverted side, which refers to the kind, jovial, and agreeable side most of them show, and the introverted side they show when they want to be alone to think and not be disturbed by anything or anyone. That is what their dual nature is related to.  Sometimes they are happier and more participative and others, more self-contained.

So, if you have Gemini friends who have always been loyal to you, it doesn’t mean that things will change during their most introversive moments, therefore you should not mistrust them or think that their mood will change their behavior toward you. According to astrologers, the reason for these changes may be that Gemini are very independent, active, full of different ideas, versatile, very studious by nature, and with great imagination; that is why they need peaceful places to recover their energies and organize their ideas.

Another aspect that influences Gemini’s duality is their addiction to getting different professions, jobs and houses. They keep moving constantly, they like to travel, they are agile, practical and hasty. In short, their interests are very wide and because of their restless mind, it is difficult to focus on only one thing. Yes, their mood changes are abrupt and improvised, even without any reason.

Finally, it should be understood that Gemini have a dual personality, which is often difficult to understand, because of their contradictory, volatile nature and their constant change, since they spend their time immersed in a variety of thoughts about all aspects of his life. This makes them live new experiences, which will keep them away from the conventional life, permanently away from the routine.