We will explain how to get the ideal job by using the sacred codes, which are based on the studies of Grigori Grabovoi. These codes include sacred energies capable of attracting various higher energies that help us to achieve our goals and objectives. That is why to manage its activation to achieve the ideal job according to our needs and expectations requires the setting an action plan in motion, which must begin by operating our mind effectively and positively.

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In this regard, we must tell you that the activation code 16700 is used to attract the best job opportunities to us, but at the same time, these sacred codes must be accompanied by affirmations with the power to attract vibrations that generate the basic positive emotions to vibrate in the same harmony of the cosmos, of the universal essence where everything that exists is based on series of numbers that fulfill specific functions.

So if we want to get effective results, we should vibrate high; therefore, it is essential to think positively, concentrate and believe so that, emotions as positive as possible are generated by being, therefore, aware of our inner power, that is in the mind and spirit and activates the necessary sacred codes.

When you are in the process of finding the ideal job, you must perform an exercise with the Sacred Numerical Code 16700 daily with no repetition limit; that depends on you, on your time, perseverance and motivation. This exercise should be done for 21 consecutive days so that the sacred codes are activated effectively.

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This 21-day process must first be done with great faith and you must thank the angels and beings of light for the favor granted, making statements such as those we will present next; and finally repeat code 16700 by digit, making a short pause:

-The Universe provides me with infinite possibilities for my progress and growth, here and now, in perfect harmony with the cosmos.

-Here and now I receive the best orientation to get the best opportunities for success.

-Through Divine Wisdom I get the ideal employment, in the best environment and the best conditions.

-God has given me intelligence, and I have excellent attitudes and skills for which everyone assess me.

-I accept, love and approve myself, and I deserve the ideal job for my personal improvement.

-The universal essence, God and divine providence, give me the ideal job that will lead me to personal, economic and social success.

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-Today, here and now, in harmony with the universe, I receive excellent job proposals where I can develop and prosper.

-I activate all my power through intentionality by activating the sacred numerical code so that the ideal job comes; it is done. Thank God, thank God.

-All a range of possibilities and opportunities opens before me to get the ideal job, helped by the beings of light, the angels and God. Thank God.

-I am a being of light, which vibrates in tune with the abundance of the Universe; today I have the ideal job, here and now. Thank God.

-I have the ideal job to live in abundance, comfort and progress; today the ideal job will come to me that will provide me with resources to achieve it. Thank God.

-My mind and my heart open up to life experiences, in harmony with the universe.

Remember to say the sacred codes figure by figure after every statement, and to thank God, the Universe and / or beings of light.

Afirmación Concentración Pensamiento positivo

But it is not enough to simply repeat the sacred code 16700 to get the ideal job; other sacred codes that help maintain such job must be invoked or repeated. Angel Alagill 52511 can be invoked, which grants total success at work, in addition to the fact that there are codes that fulfil specific functions such as, for example, acquiring practicality in the fulfilment of work functions; in that case code 1714 must be repeated.

But if your case is that there is a confusing situation that must be fixed in your work environment, you must repeat code 718, which will facilitate the emergence of alternatives that help solve what is happening. On the other hand, if you observe that you are making yourself a boycott due to the fear of success that some people feel, do not hesitate to invoke number 593.

To keep the ideal job and thereby opt for success and progress, you must have self-control and discipline, so if you need these two important values, repeat code 26200, and if you need to work on your self-esteem, use code 877.

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The sacred codes can also help you during work days when fatigue, wear and exhaustion usually affect people, so we recommend you to repeat code 928 to minimize their effects on your performance; in this way, you can be more effective and keep that ideal job that came into your life by using the series of sacred numbers that we have recommended, or in some other way.

There are other sacred codes that we will later bring to you in other articles, but to complete the recommendations regarding the conservation of the ideal job, we will suggest you repeating number 211 if you want to start and finish a project; and finally you must invoke the sacred code 643 to successfully complete your workday.