What kind of woman would manage to win the heart of a Sagittarius man? Undoubtedly, a cultured and intrepid lady, not any girl can tame this unpredictable sign that is half horse and half human, since, its character is quite difficult. Sagittarius is rebellious by nature. Are you really sure you can keep up with a man like this? If so, then we support you in your decisión by giving you some tips to seduce a Sagittarius man, join us to see them.

Well, first we advise you to be clever, do not reveal everything about yourself so quickly. A Sagittarius loves a reserved and mysterious woman who inspires curiosity, because they like riddles and love to discover little by little who that person they are interested in is. On your first date, or in a simple conversation, being intriguing will awaken the interest of those born under this sign of  fire.

A man under this sign knows how to distinguish a false person. Being mysterious does not give you the right to tell lies, if you pretend to be interested in something, a Sagittarius will undoubtedly detect it immediately; so be very careful with your attitude, try to be as honest as possible if you want to be with a guy like this. This is one of the ways he will know he can trust you, and if you disappoint a Sagittarius it will be very difficult to win him back.

Also, you must be a relaxed, fun and especially optimistic person to attract a Sagittarius. They do not tolerate negativity, because it is a very cheerful, carefree and active sign that love to spend pleasant moments. Avoid talking about other people when you are together, that would be a catastrophe, because it would ruin all the good time you spend together. The best thing to do is to  talk openly, make jokes, laugh, and create a fun atmosphere with him.

You should leave shyness aside and use your flirtatious side; praise your boy, make eye contact, smile while looking down. This will attract him and he will probably flirt with you as a response. Isn’t that great? On the other hand,  Sagittarius men cannot resist a woman who looks neat, confident, sophisticated, sensual and reserved at the same time. Always try to be fabulous for him, wear your best clothes, a captivating perfume and you will have that boy in your hands. You will be irresistible to him.

It is very important not to be too loving, the excess of sweetness makes them sick. In addition a girl that clings to them does not go with a Sagittarius personality, since they are free and like to have moments alone with themselves. If you are too attached when you are in love, then you will have to change that.

Finally, be adventurous, spontaneous, open to any kind of change because, you will find that Sagittarius likes to do different things and experience new challenges. Be creative, suggest an adventure that goes out of the ordinary or take him to a place without saying anything, this will show your man that you are flexible and can follow his pace. So, if you are ready to seduce and fall in love with a Sagittarius, good luck!