Pieces of jewelry made of silver or other metal, gold-plated, are becoming more common. This is because they look like a gold jewel, they are very elegant and at the same time much cheaper; however, its care merits taking into account some details in order not to damage the piece and thus preserve it for a long time. Next, we will know what are the treatments and precautions that should be taken with a gold-plated piece, thus ensuring that it lasts in perfect condition despite the passage of time.

To bathe a piece in gold means to deposit a layer of gold on the surface of the piece, but in order to obtain that deposit it is necessary to carry out chemical or electrochemical processes, for this reason carrying out this work is not available to everyone and must go to an expert. The baths varies according to the length and thickness themselves, of course, the greater amount of gold on the surface of the piece, the higher its cost, however, regardless of its dimensions, it will never have the real characteristics of a jewel originally made of gold and this makes it worth more care.

• The first recommendation is not to do sports activities while wearing the jewel, because the pH generated by sweat could alter the stability of the piece, even ruining its bath.

• It must be avoided at all costs that the piece has contact with cosmetic or domestic products that can alter its color, some of these as: lacquer, perfume, moisturizer, shampoo, soap, dishwasher, among many others.

• When cleaning the piece, warm water, soap with a neutral pH, toothbrush and a cotton or suede cloth should be used. It is never advisable to keep the pieces wet, on the contrary they must be dried very well or their color and shine could be compromised.

• It is advisable to store them in individual cases or protected with a piece of paper, this with the purpose of not scratching when in contact with other pieces or that poor conservation compromises the state of the jewel.

At first glance these jewels can look like those made in gold; however, only good care and maintenance will be a guarantee that they stay in that way and allow to look the characteristic shine and elegance without this affecting permanently in finance.