Many people live embittered, suffering for all the little problems; complaining everywhere, they don’t really value the importance of life. People are not happy because are not wise, it is you who must keep irradiating the light of wisdom, being humble, honest and intelligent.

The great master Beinsá Dunó said that “the sage finds happiness everywhere and in all things, while the ordinary man only can find happiness in specific places. The stupid, in turn, see misfortune everywhere and in all things.





Actually if we think of this fragment we must say is absolutely true!, if we stop in front of a mirror and say aloud all our strengths, weaknesses, analyze problems, look for solutions without pointing fingers, without judgment or criticism, just being happy and enjoying every second of life, because is very-well know that is short; this is what would do a sage.

So this phrase concludes that wisdom is within ourselves, not to be sought out because you won’t find it; It is the individual who can get to irradiate that light of wisdom to live a complete life.

It is important to clarify that wisdom is not intelligence, are different terms; intelligence has been conceptualized as the ability to solve problems. While wisdom is above it, it is a gift that we all have t; but is clear that not many develop.




For example, Albert Einstein; he used his intelligence to discover the amazing potential of the atom, but by then did not had the wisdom to take into account the devastating effects of a nuclear bomb, that is, to have a greater success these two streams should go hand in hand. You should also move away from the evil, the bad energies and influences; through prayers you can manage to find the light of wisdom that we all desire to get to that happiness and that nothing can affects us.

On the subject of the energy, Monday is ruled by the Gold Ray of Wisdom, led by the Archangel Jofie; this light active levels of intelligence, wisdom and intuition to guide us in doing righteous and correct actions. To achieve this illumination must invoke and pray, this will make you take the best decision in that moment.

Wisdom is a power that every person can achieve, but not overnight; slowly, step by step, slowly. With it we seek the truth of things and we need to irradiate that light. We all need it while we’re on the road of life.

“Archangel of Wisdom today your light will guide me to understand and know all my possibilities; making me happily in everything I do, think and want “; This is a phrase taking from the Angelic dimension, will make you feel full if you do it daily.