Used by ancient peoples such as the Egyptians, Romans, Phoenicians and Vikings, the jet has withstood the passage of time, still being used, these days, thanks to the ability to absorb bad energies that may affect the person who carries it in the body. Due to its mysterious nature and electrical properties, it has always been considered a magical stone.

The jet, is fossilized wood millions of years old. Jets that date from 15 thousand years before Christ have been found, which proves the antiquity of the use of this particular black organic mineral. Formerly, it was called “Succinum Nigrum”, “Lapis Gagatea”, Amber of witches and was also called Black Amber. About its name in Spanish, it has an Arabic origin.

It is said that the jet, like amber, when being rubbed is electrically charged; it is receptive and, therefore, it absorbs energies, especially the negative ones. This has turned it into a protective stone; even when it is used continuously in the body, it is believed to absorb part of the soul of the wearer. It has been used by sorceresses of the sea and fisherwomen as rituals, being burned on the sand; likewise, the sailors and crew have used it as an amulet to ward off demons and storms.

One of the most used amulets, in jet, is the Higa or Powerful Hand; which must have a silver coupling. This talisman is used, since antiquity to ward off evil eye, also against envy, jealousy and as a protection against disease. When the amulet collects all the negative energy, it must be destroyed and buried. Then it must be replaced.

If it is worn around the neck, it will attract good fortune and good luck in gambling. It is the amulet of travelers; on the other hand, a piece is placed in the stomach to protect the newborns, or on the wrist, with a red ribbon. If you want to protect yourself from nightmares, place it under the pillow and hang it from the head of the bed to calm insomnia.

Jet strengthens the psychic consciousness, for that reason, it is used in spells for health and healing. The women in labor held him in their hands while they gave birth, to relieve their pain. Similarly, it is advisable to use if you suffer from cramps, rheumatism, sciatica, tendonitis or osteoarthritis.

At present, the most important mines are found in Spain, France, Germany, Turkey, the United States and Venezuela. It remains a stone that retains all these magical properties, especially if it is about protection and luck. Thus, the craftsmen are more likely to make pieces with jet more frequently.