The use of the smartphone is something almost habitual in our current life. Well, we live with them a large part of the day and they are an ally in many of the activities we do. Among them, ordering a taxi, keeping in touch with family and friends, or staying up to date with the news that interests us most. And even some even facilitate their work and accompany them to exercise, making it almost impossible to live without them.

Principales mitos sobre el uso del smartphone
Image By Steve Buissinne from Pixabay 

But, being a piece of technology, its widespread use has also contributed to creating certain doubts and even myths. So we invite you to discover which are the main ones and what is true about them.

Smartphone screen impairs vision

This is a great falsehood. Since, the blue light from the screens that smartphones have do not generate harmful effects on our visual health. Although they can cause fatigue, product of its use in places with low light. As well as the reading of web pages that contain dry letter fonts without serifs (ornaments or letter terminations).

This causes the text to be less readable and we must pay more attention. In addition, due to the level of concentration that reading the phone screen requires, we blink much less, which, for example, we compensate when reading a book when we turn the page.

According to Ricardo Triana, manager of the mobile segment at Huawei Colombia. “The recommendation is to use these devices in environments where the user feels comfortable. It is ideal to pause, especially when you have your gaze fixed on very small objects”.

Also keep in mind that some smartphones offer the possibility of configuring the reading mode. With which we can reduce the intensity of blue colours and show a more yellow hue. So that reading is more comfortable.

Smartphone use can cause plane crashes

This is undoubtedly one of the best known myths of smartphones. And it is based on the fact that some devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops emit electromagnetic signals. It is believed that they could interfere with the airplane’s communication and navigation systems, down to flight controls (such as autopilot) and warning controls.

What would affect their correct operation, especially if they are used during the critical phases of the flight. That is, landing and take-off, since these are times when a pilot requires greater concentration. However, there is no study to confirm this, and this appears to be more a matter of prevention.

Smartphone use causes cancer

Although it is not known how this myth that linked smartphone use and cancer began. It is undoubtedly one of the most controversial, when it comes to smartphones. But for the tranquillity of many, at the moment there is nothing to worry about. Since there is no scientific study that proves the relationship between smartphone use and the possibility of developing cancer.

Although, while smartphones emit a form of energy known as radio frequency waves. That, at very high levels, it can heat the tissues of the body. The truth is that according to the American Cancer Society, the levels emitted are not so high as to increase body temperature.

Furthermore, smartphones go through exhaustive controls during their manufacture. And even in spite of this, studies are still being carried out to determine the effects of long-term smartphone use. So in the future we could have much more light on the subject.

What experts recommend is keeping smartphones at least a meter away from medical devices. And at least 15 centimetres from people with pacemakers.

Using the smartphone can cause fires at gas stations

Another of the most widespread myths, dating from the time when the first cell phones began to be commercialized. Well, since then it has been believed that, if we use a cell phone, while we were filling the gas tank of our car, it would explode. What would be caused by the radiation they emit.

However, as time has shown, this is a completely false statement. So far, no fire has been registered in a gas station, the cause of which is the use of a cell phone or smartphone.

Although it can be affirmed with certainty that the smartphone is a distracting element. And that a distraction when filling gasoline can cause an accident with serious consequences. Reason why, its use while driving is also prohibited.

Using the smartphone produces infertility

Although many men wish they were not, this statement could be true. As indicated by a study published in the journal ‘Reproductive Biomedicine Online’. Where the habit of using the smartphone for more than an hour a day is related to male infertility. Since according to the study these can decrease the quality of the semen. This causes sperm to weaken and make it difficult to have children.

However, this study generated a stir in the scientific community and many professionals questioned the methods used. Ensuring that it was a biased investigation from the beginning, since those who participated were men with infertility problems.

Likewise, the results were based on a questionnaire and not on direct observations. Therefore, to date, there is no research with solid evidence to show whether they have an effect on fertility.

Using the smartphone produces insomnia

Our eyes do not differentiate natural light from artificial light. Therefore, if we use a smartphone or tablet before sleeping this can cause insomnia problems. Since, under normal conditions, when our eyes perceive that the light is decreasing, they transmit the signal to the brain that it must produce melatonin. A hormone whose function is to help us sleep.

But, if our retina continues to receive light from the smartphone, it will interrupt the process. What can bring about sleep disturbances and other health problems associated with the modification of the circadian rhythm. Therefore, to avoid this, it is recommended not to look at the smartphone after turning off the other lights.