In a woman`s life, the stage between 48 and 53 years of age is perhaps the one they hate the most, because many things are altered physically, emotionally and socially. This stage is called menopause, and today, in this article we will approach it and give you some tips to be prepared when this time arrives.

If there is something that should be taken into account is to lead a healthy life before reaching the most feared age, avoiding obesity, because if you are overweight when you reach this stage, it could lead to other consequences such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and pain when moving around.

As for food, we recommend eating natural food, preferably homemade, forgetting all processed products, which contain too much sugar, preservatives and other chemicals that cause premature ageing, obesity, progressive disintegration of bones, among other problems.

Natural foods provide many benefits to the whole organism, protecting it from diseases and boosting the endocrine system, which is responsible for hormonal production.

Also, you need to practice some kind of sports, if you are still young, you can do high intensity exercises, such as crossfit, rope jumping and weightlifting, although they seem to be designed for men, women are the ones who get the most out of them, because this type of exercises beautifies the skin, hardens the bones, uses all the muscle groups and stylizes the figure, in addition, they provide strength. Now, if you are already experiencing the symptoms of menopause, it would be better to practice other activities such as yoga, Pilates or tai chi.

Another advice we can give you to be prepared before the arrival of menopause, is to avoid alcoholic drinks, even if you are young. Alcohol consumption is not recommended during menopause and decreasing its consumption controls the risk of losing calcium. The same goes for other toxic habits, such as ingesting caffeine or smoking. In the case of tobacco, this increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and cancer. In many opportunities, women who smoke present early menopause.

Regarding the embarrassing hot flashes, the best thing to do is drink cold drinks and avoid extremely hot meals. Keep your room ventilated, use air conditioning or a fan, wear clothes made of cotton or natural fabrics. All this will help counteract the consequences of this symptom.

The last tip to prepare for menopause is that you must control stress. It is essential to learn to relax and take things slowly, this point affects the vast majority of women at the beginning of menopause and manifests itself through anguish, sudden mood swings, irritability and a general feeling of discomfort. In short, if you reached this stage and did not take care during your youth, you can still learn to eat well, exercise and apply very good habits for your health.