The alum stone has been used since ancient times, especially in the world of cosmetics, since it has hypoallergenic, astringent, antiseptic and antiperspirant properties. Besides its healing and firming nature, here you will know its magical properties and uses.

It is a mineral composed of double sulfate of aluminum and potassium. Its particular molecular structure makes it impossible to be absorbed through the skin, which is why it is not harmful to the individual’s welfare. Thus, being a water-soluble crystalline salt, it can be used in many ways.



First, it is used as natural deodorant; alum tightens pores regulating perspiration and neutralizing malodors. This leaves a transparent layer formed by thousands of microcrystals, preventing the proliferation of bacteria that cause malodor and offering a sense of natural freshness. It can be used in the armpits, feet or other body parts. But how does it work? It is simple: after showering, wet the alum stone and rub it on the skin for five or ten seconds; you will feel protected throughout the day.

Unlike conventional deodorants, alum stone does not cover up the unpleasant smells with an artificial fragrance; better yet, it eliminates them completely by acting against the bacteria that cause them. Another advantage is that it does not leave any stains on your clothes. It is astringent, thus, it can be used to heal those obnoxious pimples on the face or back; it will magically dry them. Even the most sensitive skins can benefit from its use, since among its features there is the fact that it is hypoallergenic; therefore, it does not cause allergic reactions.


It also serves as a healing. Since it is a hemostatic stone, it is completely powerful to stop the bleeding when it comes to minor injuries, but above all, it has a wonderful virtue against irritation and usual shaving cuts. Another of its magical uses is to be a firming, as the name says, it reaffirms the skin. A lot of women buy alum powder and mix it with water to spread it on their breasts, abdomen, legs and arms in order to have a younger and glowing skin.

Its uses are so magical that it even works as insect repellent or remedy to treat insect bites. In many households, the alum stone is always present; in some cases it combats oral health problems.



To conclude, this wonderful crystal only stays on the skin without affecting the natural breathing of your body. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhagic properties, thus, it can be used after a cut, without drying the skin since it does not contain any alcohol or fragrance. It does not pollute the environment because it does not have petroleum derivatives or chemicals that threaten human health. In short, the use of alum stone is completely healthy, effective and economical.