The ephemeral melancholy after the climax has a name. The post-coital dysphoria refers to the feeling of sadness that people have after a sexual act. How often have you felt depressed or sad after a passionate encounter? This momentary felling is very common in men and women, although not in the say way.

According to a 2004 study, published in the International Journal of Sexual Health; this reaction is more common in women. In number, up to 10% of women can have it; and this emptiness, according to the study, only lasts for a few minutes after sex.


Although many people in normal situations feel relaxed and enjoyable after the climax, others tend to repent or be repelled by their previous actions. The feeling of suffocation now known as post-coital dysphoria, aroused the curiosity of scholars of earlier times. This human peculiarity is on record since 150 AD In the Roman Empire, the Greek-born illustrious physician, Galen wrote, “after sexual intercourse, all animals get sad except for the human female and the rooster”.

At present, there are various approaches to this condition. The first orientation points to a biological response of the organism by the absence of some substances in the human brain after a sexual encounter. Dr. Richard A. Friedman, professor of clinical psychiatry and director of the clinic psychopharmacological Weill Cornell Medical College; He got a reaction that could be associated with a decreased in the amygdala during sex activity, related to feelings such as fear.


Friedman points out that there may be an upset when these begin to balance the normal levels in the human body. “Could it be that some patients have such a spike in activity in the amygdala which then makes them feel bad?” He questioned.

Instead, there is the theory that the post-coital dysphoria is a consequence of beliefs about sex. Debby Herbenick, the Center of Sexual Health Promotion of the Indiana University, told AOL Health that this penalty after climax relates to unclear feelings about sex, “coming from the way they were raised, religion or other influences, and can experience guilt or frustration after a sexual encounter”.

Also, an important factor is a pattern of unhealthy behaviors regarding sex, as a possible addiction, which after the act they star regretting it. And accordingly, it relates to issues of personality and self-esteem. Even with relationship problems.

The post-coital dysphoria or depression after sex, can last up to a day and affect other areas of life. Experts recorded that being subjected to some kind of abuse in a past experience can also be a source of shame or emptiness; and in all these cases this can be treated with therapy. The recommendation is to listen carefully to the feelings and emotions, not hesitating to ask for professional help.