Reading the horoscope is a way of knowing many aspects about the personality of each one, compatibilities in love, fortune, among other things, that is why today we want to show you the relationship with food according to each sign, and you will be able to learn other aspects about someone else’s life as well. We will start talking about the signs of earth, specifically Capricorn, who prefers quality food. They eat all kinds of foods containing dairy, such as yoghurts, cheeses, and of course, milk. They can also include products such as cereals, nuts, and protein-rich foods in their diet. Taurus loves the pleasure of good food and good drinks, however they like cereals, vegetables and lean meats, avoiding saturated fats. Virgos do not eat or even buy food that is not good for them. They mostly eat fruit, fish, and iron, finer and calcium rich vegetables. Regarding Air signs, Aquarius loves to try new diets, trendy foods and products from other cultures. While Gemini enriches its diet based on vegetables, meats and also the vitamins of fruits, protecting themselves from diseases. Libra prefers balanced and healthy gourmet dishes. On the other hand, among the signs of air, we can tell you that Pisces will eat any food, even if they don’t like it. They can choose to eat seafood seasoned with dairy foods and fruit. Cancer is characterized by having a sensitive stomach, and they could easily turn to a vegan diet without suffering in the process. Scorpio looks for exotic, creative dishes that flatter the senses. Fire signs such as Aries, are very dynamic beings, who prefer red meats and products that provide a large dose of energy. It is necessary to include salad portions, free of salt. In addition, daily fruit consumption will help cleanse the body and make it work regularly. Leo is a lover of big buffets with different menus, but a diet rich in lean meats like turkey, white veal, chicken and rabbit will make their circulation work as it should. If they also incorporate vegetables that contain vitamin C, they will feel healthier. Finally, Sagittarius will not eat anything that is not appealing enough. They must avoid fat at all costs. Unfortunately, they love fried foods, so it is a challenge to control themselves. Opt for steamed food, choose white and red lean meats, and eggs, detoxify the body with tropical fruits, vegetables and whole foods. Fiber is vital for intestinal transit and will also help to get rid of a few extra pounds if you wish.