Rituals to attract good luck are very useful when we feel that things are not going well for us, that the objectives that are being pursued are not being achieved, or simply when new stages in life are undertaken in which we wish to be surrounded by renewed and positive energies, both materially and in love, as well as in each of the family and / or social projects that we have in mind. That is why we will describe some very used and effective rituals:

herradura suerte rituales

Triple gem ritual for good luck: For this ritual you only need a small wooden box, three stones of your choice, one green candle and incense, preferably tangerine, a piece of paper and a pen. Light the candle and incense, place your hands in the box, focus and think about what you want reliably, always with a positive attitude and believing in what you are doing. Repeat the following statement: “The force of nature is in these gems; this box will have the power to make my wishes come true.”

Then write your affirmative phrase on the piece of paper; for example: “Here and now, I get the desired job”; “True love is in my life here and now in harmony with the universe”; “Abundance, comes to me in harmony with the universe.”

It is important to stand out that these statements are only an example, so you can write your own at your convenience, always with great faith and in an appropriate environment that incense and candle will favour, and if you want, you can add some relaxing music to improve the environment.

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Once the affirmative phrase is written, place the three gems in your right hand, repeat the statement and put them in the box. This procedure must be done for seven (07 days), repeating the phrase you wrote on the piece of paper and spending about 10 minutes to meditate and visualize what you have asked in front of the box. Take it as a ritual that you must perform every day before leaving home with the objective that everything on your day flows and is filled with positive energies.

Cinnamon ritual for good luck: You only need a wooden box, three pieces of stick cinnamon, a piece of paper and a pen. Write the affirmation of your preference according to your wishes and aspirations, concentrate, pray three Lord’s Prayer, and put the piece of paper along with the three pieces of cinnamon in the box. Then burn it very carefully so that the smoke fills the entire house, business, office, workplace, or the space where you want the bad vibes to come out. You can repeat it the times you consider it necessary.

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Lemon ritual for good luck: Put three green lemons which have no yellow spots, in a glass bowl, and simply place it on the bedside table to attract good luck, prosperity and love. Every time lemons turn yellow they should be replaced.

Sugar ritual: Put three green candles and sugar in a glass plate. The candles are lit with the space completely closed. Green candles mean good luck and prosperity, light means a source of life and energy and eliminates bad vibes, and sugar allows energies to flow.

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Black wax candle ritual: This ritual is performed on St. John’s Day to move bad vibes away and attract luck. The wick should be sprouted from the bottom, digging in the wax, so that you can write your full name and birth date. The candle is lit with wooden matches at 12 at night and when half of it has burned down, it is turned over and lit by the wick that was taken at the beginning; repeating the phrase “May all the evil I have go where it has come”. Let the entire candle burn down and throw the remains away through a stream of water.

Rattlesnake ritual for good luck: This ritual should be performed on St. John’s Day at 12 p.m. Put a rattle, bills, coins and a magnet in a bag of about 20 centimetres of yellow or orange fabric. Close it with a thread in the colour of the fabric and carry with you as a good luck charm.

Herbal ritual for good luck: To perform this ritual you must be dressed in white. Light a stick of cedar incense, and then put incenses made with a portion of rue, a portion of millionaire and three parts of basil in a clay container. Light this mixture of herbs and go around the space clockwise, visualizing how bad energies move away and good things are attracted.

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Ritual to attract love and good luck: One of the most famous rituals of the night of Saint John is the one that is performed to attract love. Light two red candles in the room, write the name of the loved one on piece of paper and keep it under the pillow or mattress once the candles have burned out and the wax is cold.

Finally, we have one of the popular rituals of the night of Saint John, which consists of jumping the fire about seven times, although there are places where people jump nine times. While jumping, you must make the desired requests to Saint John.