Self-hemotherapy has been studied for years by various scientists thirsty to know cures for medical anomalies. This is a method that helps to reactivate the immune system and fight diseases coming from itself; a technique that was described in 1913 by the French doctor Paul Ravaut, which consists in a way of extracting blood from an individual’s veins and injecting it into a muscular area of ​​himself.

According to the Mexican physician Jorge Gonzales Ramírez, it is necessary to take advantage of the patient’s blood for self-treatment, in a way to transform the blood into a miraculous vaccine that helps the production of antibodies for the restoration of cellular functions.

According to the Brazilian general doctor Luis Moura, who dedicated to the study of auto-hemotherapy, depending on the type of disease different doses are applied; for those non-lethal allergies, 5ml and in those that are as serious as lupus, 10ml in a period of 10 to 20 years or more, every two to three months. The main and unique objective of this medicinal method is to increase immunity, giving vitality to the individual, restoring his life, fighting any disease in that area; the greatest advantage of this immune stimulus is that the person is not at risk.

This type of treatment is effective in diseases such as asthma, skin allergies in which the skin takes a reddish tone and there is itching, fights arthritis, AIDS, lupus disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism, dermatitis, acne, for later sessions of chemotherapy, among other pathologies.

Auto-hemotherapy can be used not only to combat diseases, but also to avoid them, as reported by Dr. Moura, who uses the method to prevent vascular accidents, heart attacks, even to prevent cancer because it keeps his immune system active.

The field of medicine is very broad and diverse, reason why it offers medical methods such as self-hemotherapy, which offer patients a different alternative to fight and prevent diseases, leaving aside traditional drugs and chemists, opting for a species of vaccine with our own blood.

Talk to your family doctor about this innovative treatment, so that he or she can guide you about it. It is also necessary to highlight that you should not take this article as a medical reference, so it is vital that you go to a specialist if you believe that your health is being affected they will be responsible for evaluating your condition and apply the corresponding treatment.