Every neckline requires an ideal necklace, which highlights the beauty of the style you want to wear, on a daily basis, or on special occasions where we want to stand out and be the most beautiful of all. For these reasons, we are going to give you some tips and ideas so that the ideal necklace looks for each neckline you use, so pay attention:

Ideal necklace for strapless necklines: This famous neckline that will highlight its beauty, is the most appropriate to be combined with various types of necklaces; ranging from the simplest to elegant chokers or very striking luxury necklaces; but you must bear in mind that these must remain on the skin; and that the tone of the garment and that of the skin must be considered in turn; since this is a detail that feels the difference of a style.

Collar Ideal Mujer Escote Strapless Joya

Ideal necklace for a round neckline: Short necklaces are definitely appropriate for this type of neckline, which are located just in the line of the neckline and the skin. Short chokers can also be used, taking care to choose contrasting colours with the outfit, to reinforce the style.

Ideal necklace for a square neckline: The appropriate necklaces for this type of neckline, are similar to those of the round neckline, so chokers and short necklaces can be used, which will help you stylize the neck, leaving them to fall on the skin, always taking care to choose colours that match the skin tone, personality and especially style.

Ideal necklace for a V-neckline: They are deep necklines; that like strapless necklines; It combines well different types of necklaces; But there are certain details that should be considered, for example, if you have a large bust, it is best to select a long necklace; even that it exceeds the neckline, since this way the body will look slimmer. In addition, you can opt for a necklace that has the same shape as the neckline, containing gems or another type of ornament.

Collar Ideal Escote en V Mujer Joya

Ideal necklace to wear necklines with straps: The appropriate necklace in these cases should be on the skin and within the frame of the dress; reason why its length is going to depend on how pronounced the neckline is; you only have to take care that it reaches the edge of the garment. A snug choker around the neck also looks great.

Ideal collar for shirt necklines: The length of the necklace depends on how the shirt is worn; if you want to wear it open, you must use short necklaces that remain on the skin, and if it is closed, the necklaces must be long. On the other hand, metallic or neutral tones should be selected, in order not to overload the style. It is essential to observe the model of the shirt very well, to what extent you can open it, to correctly choose the necklace that looks the most. You should remember that short necklaces and chokers stylize the neck, but never wear them with the shirt closed.

Ideal necklace for boat necklines: Simple and small necklaces are ideal when wearing this neckline, since very long or ornate necklaces will not allow you to wear a stylized neck, remember that exaggeration spoils the ensemble and will damage the style that both wants to show off.

Necklaces suitable for round necks: When it comes to round neck dresses or blouses, bib necklaces are very fashionable, which are usually worn with low necklines, but it is currently in trend to wear them on clothing in blouses or dresses with a round neckline.

Collar Ideal Cuello Redondo Mujer Joya

Ideal necklace for high neck garments: When wearing blouses or dresses with this type of neck, we must use long necklaces, and if they have several chains or beads, they will look much better. We can also wear several necklaces of different sizes, which will give a unique and modern touch, taking care not to fall into exaggeration.

Necklace for blouses or dresses with one shoulder in the air: When wearing this type of garment, you should choose asymmetrical necklaces; that they give the option of adapting the length and the way they fall; But if you do not have this type of necklaces, and you want to wear these garments, then choose to wear your necklaces simpler and shorter.

Collar Ideal Vestido Hombro al Aire Mujer Joya

Necklace for a “Halter” blouse: This garment is characterized by being striking; so you should avoid wearing accessories that are very loaded, that saturate the style; Ideally, wear simple necklaces with small or narrow pendants, preferably single chain and short.

We have left you a range of options according to the types of necklines and collars that are normally worn, so it will be up to you to choose the right colours, models, sizes, and above all, the creativity and attitude you have when it comes to combine and wear them. Remember, a good choice will make your outfit look spectacular, and stand out among the most beautiful and elegant of the occasion.