There are some exercises that burn the most calories, either by the type of activity, the intensity, the time they are practiced, their effectiveness or whoever practices it. These have the power to help to eliminate more fat than others, and they also provide great benefits for the body in general; so if you want to lose those extra pounds a little faster, let’s see what those exercises that burn the most calories are to start putting them into practice.

Mujeres Ejercicios Quemadores de Calorías

Swimming:  Many people have the false belief that swimming, by not having to sweat, does not allow burning fat, but they are very wrong because it is one of the most complete sports there is, and from the point of view of the joints, it is a lot less aggressive. It is estimated that during the practice of swimming and depending on weight, between 600 and 900 calories are burned in approximately one hour of training.

Walks:  This is one of the most physical activities performed by millions of people in the world to lose weight and keep fit. It is one of the sports that burn the most calories, even if the amounts vary according to the intensity or rhythm of the walking of each individual; but it is estimated that during an hour of walking to medium – high rate, you can burn between 700 and 800 calories, and if you walk at a higher rate, you could achieve a caloric expenditure of about 1000 calories approximately.

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Jogging or running: It is one of the most complete sports, and in addition to being one of the most calorie burners, which are about 21 per minute and by running at a speed of 9 kilometres per hour, it improves lung capacity, while various muscles of the body, especially the twins, the thighs, or the buttocks are working. The latent risk of running is given by the impact it produces on the joints and the possible injuries that can be suffered.

Cycling: It is a sport that brings lots of physical health benefits, where factors like power, distance, average speed, slopes, among others are present. The caloric expenditure of road cycling is among 400 and 1000 calories per hour, and many muscles of the body are worked; and unlike running or races, the risks of injury are not many because the pedalling does not generate a direct impact on any joint.

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Rowing: It is one of the physical activities that brings the most benefits to the body, and its practice makes the shoulders, back, abs and biceps work hard, burning up to 1,000 calories for an hour. It is an outdoor sport, but there are gyms that have rowing machines to produce the effects that this activity produces on the body.

Paddle and squash: They are very powerful, energetic and dynamic sports; therefore being great alternatives to lose weight and burn more calories if they are done at a good pace, at high speed and with coordination, agility and dexterity. When practiced at medium intensity, it is estimated that 600 calories can be burned per hour, and if the intensity is high, let’s say that at a competition rate, you can reach 800 or 900 calories.

Boxing and fighting sports: Wrestling sports not only allow burning fat and calories, but they also help to release tension. For example, when boxing is practiced, more calories are burned because the body is always in motion, and between 600 and 700 calories can be burned in an hour-long fight, while during an hour-long training session with the typical sports jacket, there is a caloric expenditure of about  400 calories per hour.

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Spinning: It is a method related to cycling, but unlike this, it is done stationary, during sessions that use background music and at high intensity, burning about 600 and 800 calories for an hour; however, these amounts can vary when considering factors such as age, muscle mass and physical conditions of each person. If the intensity is increased, more calories are burned, even a thousand calories can be exceeded.

Bodypump, bodybalance and bodycombat: There are several “body” methods that are instructor-led physical activities that use background music to make the body move. They are carried out in sessions that do not exceed 60 minutes, and you can burn around 500 to 600 calories, in addition to being an excellent alternative to burn localized fat and facilitate the toning up of various muscles in the body.

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In addition to the aforementioned sports, we have several that are also among those that burn the most calories such as intense skiing that when practiced at high speed, you can burn 16 Kcal per minute; that is, about 960 Kcal per hour, while judo and karate burn about 13 kcal per minute, in addition to promoting concentration and coordination.

With options like squash, 11 calories per minute are burned, mountaineering burns 10 calories per minute, soccer and basketball burn about 9.5 calories, and volleyball burns 8 calories, making sure efficient work of many body muscles. The important thing is to maintain consistency in the practice of any of these sports, and thus more calories are burned, weight is lost and comprehensive health is strengthened.