There are truths and lies about stretch marks which often remain in the minds of many women, and it is convenient that they have the correct knowledge to fight against these elements that, in addition to being unsightly, are one of the most frequent skin problems, generally affecting the areas of the hips, belly, thighs and buttocks, and that are the great feminine concern for excellence.

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Stretch marks are related to the difficulty of the skin to respond and adapt to the changes and tensions usually produced by the increase in body weight, and are announced by the reddish colour that the skin acquires and its grey tone with the passing of time. From a medical point of view, stretch marks are scars that are caused by lesions caused in the elastic reticulum which is a dermis membrane that provides elasticity to the skin.

As a general rule, these injuries are caused by sudden variations in weight, whether due to improper feeding, lack of exercise, hormonal problems, changes in adolescence, pregnancy, etc., which causes a progressive increase in skin.

The most effective weapon you can have is prevention, but to achieve a good preventive process, you must be aware of the truths and lies about stretch marks which we will explain below:

Truth # 1: It’s a great truth that stretch marks can be prevented and prevention should be considered the best weapon to avoid unsightly stretch marks. For this, several measures can be taken, such as using crossed bras with reinforcements in the base to prevent breasts from bouncing. With respect to the other areas of the body where they appear, the skin must be constantly moistened, as well as avoiding exaggerated slimming diets.

Truth # 2: An effective way to prevent the appearance of stretch marks is to take cold water baths, rubbing the skin with a sponge with cold water daily, which stimulates cutaneous microcirculation, favouring the tonicity and elasticity of the tissues.

Truth # 3: Stretch marks may appear after a strict and prolonged diet which causes the loss of many kilos. In addition, this process can be accelerated if you have a little elastic skin that accompanied by sudden variations in weight, makes the risks increase considerably.

Lie # 1: It is uncertain that all women can have stretch marks; men can also have stretch marks, and those women who have a very dry dermis are more likely to have stretch marks compared to those with normal or oily skin. Therefore, it is important to moisten the skin, especially in areas of the body that are most prone to stretch marks.

Particularly, teenage girls and pregnant women should take care of themselves, so they should turn to moisturizers and homemade recipes made with natural products which are very effective. It should be considered that about 90% of women have stretch marks during pregnancy.

Lie # 2: It is totally false that the appearance of stretch marks is caused only by the stretching of the skin. Although this is the most common, it is not true because hormonal factors also tend to prevent or decrease the formation of elastin and collagen fibres in the dermis, which makes stretch marks come out. This usually happens when the levels of glucocorticoids and other hormones are very high. During pregnancy, puberty and the sudden increase or loss of weight, there is an increase in this hormone through the adrenal gland.

Lie # 3: Chest stretch marks are not necessarily more frequent after 40 since it has been proved that they appear in this area during adolescence and especially when the mammary gland increases in volume. They can also appear on the hips and buttocks due to changes in puberty, as well as the appearance of adipose tissues.

Lie # 4: It is false that stretch marks only occur in the stomach, although this is the most frequent location since they can appear in the buttocks, breasts, thighs, arms, elbows, calves, knees and lower back.

Lie # 5: It’s a lie that thin people can’t have stretch marks, because they also originate from hormonal and genetic factors. For example, hormonal changes in the stage of adolescence can lead to stretch marks without having to be with body weight. Also, special health conditions, such as Marfan syndrome or Cushing syndrome, as well as prolonged use of topical corticosteroids, can cause stretch marks.

Lie # 6: It is false that stretch marks do not change colour, since these initially appear as red, pink, reddish brown lines, which is actually the colour of the blood vessels that can be observed due to the tearing of the dermis; and little by little those reddish streaks in many cases become white or silver lines due to the pale coloured fat under the skin. On the other hand, the colour of stretch marks also depends on the skin tone.

Lie # 7: It is not true that tanning removes stretch marks, it only covers them; even in some cases, it worsens them, especially when they are white.

Lie # 8: it is not true either that stretch marks can be completely eliminated since even though they can decrease and disappear temporarily, they can never be completely eliminated.