Jewelry has been incorporating more and more precious stones unknown for most people, even, one could say that their color and appearance are mingled with existing gems, such as the emerald, the ruby or the diamond. In this opportunity you will learn about the uvarovite, a beautiful green mineral that is becoming more and more present in rings, earrings and necklaces.

Uvarovite is a mineral that belongs to the calcium and chromium neosilicates family, it is also part of the group of garnets. Garnet is a generic name that is given to certain minerals that have a similar crystalline structure, so it can be used as a semiprecious stone. It has been used since the Bronze Age and of which there are different species, so it can be found in a variety of colors such as: red, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black, pink, almost colorless and even green; as it is the case of the uvarovita.

This beautiful mineral was named for the count and Russian politician Sergey Semionovich Uvarov (1786-1855), it was found for the first time in 1832, in a place called the Central Ural Mountains. The uvarovita is the rarest of the garnets, this is due to the way it is found in nature, such as calcareous sediments, metoamorphized zones or carbonate rocks with minerals, as well as the garnet. The main deposits of this mineral are found in Russia (the Urals), Madagascar, Finland, Canada, California (United States), France (The Pyrenees), Poland and India (The Himalayas).

This mineral is sought mostly by collectors and is used as a gem due to its green color and its brightness. Its hardness and ability to preserve makes it an ideal candidate to be a precious stone in jewelry. Currently, the extraction and exploitation of it has been limited, which has increased its value and only 20% is used in jewelry, while 80% is used in the market for collectors.

At the time of carving this mineral, it is done in phases to obtain oval or mixed forms and the best stones or of higher quality are those intended for use in jewelry.

One of the reasons why the demand for this mineral has increased in the use of jewelry, it is due to its esoteric qualities; since it helps in the management of emotions of frustration, shortage or failure, to appreciate the nature of the soul, it helps in spiritual relationships, as well as others.

Finally, the uvarovita is a very particular mineral, with a unique beauty, if you are one of the women who likes to wear unusual pieces, maybe, you are a candidate to wear a jewel with uvarovita.