The cosmetics industry is full of brands that offer products of great quality and that enjoy many followers. However, for no one is a secret that most of the brands in this industry perform tests on animals and in turn, use all kinds of chemicals that eventually damage the skin. Currently, the tendency to create awareness about the planet, animals, the environment and others has reached clothes, shoes and now it reaches make-up, thus offering a new trend: vegan makeup.

Most women do not know how the make-up they use daily is made. However, with the passage of time, there is access to this type of information more and more, knowing that large amount of petroleum chemicals are present in these products; so many decide to migrate to smaller brands, but more natural and respectful, both with health and with the environment and animals. However, it can be confused between the “cruelty free”, bio or vegan labels.

So when we talk about “Cruelty free” we talk about products that have not been tested on animals, regardless of its composition. Bio cosmetics are those that do not contain animal ingredients, but may have derivatives such as beeswax, for example. Finally, vegan cosmetics contain no animal or derivative ingredients, only vegetable ones.

When talking about vegan makeup, it refers to products with a 100% vegetable composition, with ingredients of ecological and sustainable production, of high quality and without side effects such as allergies.This type of makeup uses only products with natural ingredients, from plants, fruits, vegetables, stems, among others.

Among the brands that are “cruelty free” and vegan stand out Smashbox, Too Faced, Benefit, Lime Crime, BaeBlu, Ecco Bella, Chic Republic, NYX, ELF, Tarte; the exclusive Anastasia Beverly Hills, NARS, Kat Von D, Urban Decay, and the list continues to grow. In any of these brands you can get all kinds of products: organic foundations (in at least 9 shades), lipstick, blush in powder and bar, nail polish, illuminators, eyeliners and even organic mascara, especially for sensitive eyes.

Now, with regard to the benefits of vegan makeup, is its price, because it is one of the cheapest in the market. Additionally, it is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin due to its non-existent content in aggressive cleaning particles. It does not irritate the skin, prevents the formation of red spots, as well as it refreshes and tones up. Another benefit is that thanks to the active power of vegetables they penetrate the skin and provide excellent long-lasting results, difficult to obtain with other cosmetics, especially those that come from animals.

Finally, vegan makeup is ideal to reduce imperfections in the skin, such as scars or wrinkles. Beyond beauty is consciousness, more than a fashion, veganism is a lifestyle.