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The history of Joya Life is written with a feather of a quetzal soaked in the blue ink of the Caribbean Sea. Joya LIFE is, above all, a family, human, supportive and authentic project, born of love from a stone, Jade, within a country that was witness of the vestiges of the great Mayan civilization, Guatemala.

In fact, it is in the center of this greenish volcanic country in Central America where the whole adventure began.Nothing could limit it… An incredible place with its pyramids in the Guatemalan jungle, a piece removed from the guts of this land that still has traces of chromium salt, titanium or magnesium that gives it its green, black or pink colors, and some individuals that are moved by so much beauty and simplicity.It was during a trip that the creator of Joya LIFE decided to bring together a team of impassioned people to tell and make Guatemala’s history, culture and greatness known.

Excited with the idea of the project, the ladies of the Solidarity association Hands of Faith, joined him to contribute with the necessary knowledge and technical support.

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    Jaya is a successful young artist, stylist and designer where she lives. She was born in 1988 in Córcega, south of France, and at a very young age, Jaya fell in love with the sea, the sand, the pebbles, the rocks and all these natural elements around us. In love with textures and matter, Jaya had a strong desire to compose and assemble all sorts of different materials to wear as accessories and make herself and other people even more beautiful by glorifying these materials in her unique creations. Jaya’s universe is very wide and joyful. Her creations are constantly nourished, each and every day. Jaya makes jewelry just like a great chef creates a menu full of flavors, smells and unique tastes. Jaya loves color, different materials and the fact that these pieces are worn by different people, according to their tastes and moods. Jaya loves to travel, so she also gets inspired by the artistic, human and poetic encounters and connections she regularly has with the world. Jaya has been a volunteer in an association of Guatemalan women called Hands of Faith, as a jade (and other natural material) jewelry designer, and you can see her work at Joya.life website.


    Today Joya Lifeoffers these creations of all natural pure jade. All stones come from Guatemala and the ladies of Hands of Faith. Each piece is unique and worked in compliance with the Mayan culture by these master craftsmen.

    Our Mission is to design and create exclusive jewelry that will satisfy our customers’ most exquisite tastes, so they can experience feelings of wellness and beauty, as well as to offer and provide a fast and effective quality service in manufacturing, transportation and delivery of our beautiful pieces. We have a team of designers and master goldsmiths who study and work with passion to make exquisite collections from the art of jewelry.


    Our Vision is to be a company with a team that uses its full potential to create jewelry with identity, extolling the person who wears them. To continue producing high quality impact pieces to ensure that our label represents the highest production standards in jewelry. To inspire a positive and magical energy through our creations. Our challenge is to grow, expand and innovate to create unique collections and meet the demand of our customers worldwide.







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