In Joya life, we believe in energy. We work daily with Mayan spiritual guides and all our products are blessed by them. We are convinced that, through energy, people can feel better, find the joy of living, free themselves from traumas and grow. It is our theme and reason to live. Every day we witness what could be classified as “little miracles” in the life of those who follow our Mayan spiritual guides. The Mayan energy is not a myth.

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Mayan Energy

It is a simple and natural philosophy of life that is full of common sense. It is based on a fine and wide observation of nature and the cosmos. For 3000 years, the Maya people have discovered many secrets that still amaze a large number of scientists… The Maya people are brilliant time administrators and energy masters. Few people know that, because the Maya have always been very discreet about their knowledge. For them, respect is fundamental, especially regarding the great forces they learned to use in order to truly change their lives and the life of those who trust them with respect and benevolence. They have created many calendars that are connected to one another like gears, so they could measure the earthly time, the lunar time, the solar time and the cosmological time. Their mastery with time is such that they know how to use time according to energy.


The Maya discovered how energies could guide our lives and how we could use them for any purpose in a spiritual level of greater wellness and openness. It is truly simple. Each one of us is guided by energies that are authentic, called nahuals. These energies are represented by an animal or element, so that people can understand them better.


For the Maya, art consists in living well with your energy. Imbalances are often caused by our ignorance regarding our energy. Besides, each of us have inside a level of energy that goes from 1 to 13 from the moment we are born, and even from our conception. They are the hues. These are fundamental elements to see the areas you need to improve and be able to open yourself and grow in a simple and natural way. There is no magic in this; it’s just true common sense based on 3000 years of knowledge, observation and results… So yes, we affirm that this works, we witness that every day. In Joya Life, we believe in energy. How about you?

20 Beads

THE VOLCANIC ENERGETIC BRACELET by Joya Life, is made of 20 natural beads. For the Maya people, 13 is a fundamental number in life, for the humans and the cosmos. It is the great energy that unites us all and connects us to the universe. It is a powerful number, with a high vibrational level. It is the fundamental connection between Man 13 and the Cosmos 7. Man has 13 major joints in the body: 2 in the ankles, 2 in the knees, 2 in the hips, 2 in the shoulders, 2 in the elbows, 2 in the wrists and 1 in the neck. These 13 points are, for the Maya, points where the sacred energy accumulates and recharges us. The infinite circle of the VOLCANIC ENERGETIC BRACELET shows that this energy flow is constant and never stops. 

Man 13 and the Cosmos 7 = 20

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Volcanic Rocks:

All the volcanic rocks that adorn the VOLCANIC ENERGETIC BRACELET have been collected from the surface of Guatemalan volcanoes and then sculpted by hand by local artisans, in order to preserve the energies in them. These stones come from the magma of the earth, and they irradiate all the earth’s magnetic force. Volcanic rocks are known to contain the purifying energy of the deceased, which can lead to reconstruction, elimination of negative energies and unconscious feelings of heaviness, causing lightness and joy of living. This rock is not commonly used in jewelry, because one needs a great deal of precision and precaution to work with it. The Guatemalan artisans we work with can guarantee quality of work and respect towards this rock.

Our Jades:

Our jades have also been worked by hand by a Guatemalan artisan. Each jade bead has been sculpted with a great deal of patience and care. THE VOLCANIC ENERGETIC BRACELET contains two valuable pieces of jade. Ice Jade, which is one of the purest kinds of jade in the world. It is a precious jade, due to its whiteness and purity. In this bracelet, it incarnates the energy of Yang, the bright and elevating male energy. Without your Yin, Yang has no meaning, since both are sides of the same force. That is the reason why this bracelet offers you another extremely rare jade bead, which can only be found in Guatemala: the black Jade. It is unique. An extremely valuable jade, considered as precious in the world of jewelry, due to its rarity and exceptional blackness. Its energy is Yin, a deep and grand feminine energy. Different from Ice Jade, black jade gets its color from the titanium salts present in the Guatemalan soil. It is an exceptional jade, which is considered by the Mayan spiritual guides, the perfect jade to get deep inside oneself and access all the necessary resources to get strong and rise again.

Yin and yang:

Just like Yin and Yang, these two jades are made of the same matter, sodium aluminum silicate, but their geological history and natural elements make them different and complementary on the VOLCANIC ENERGETIC BRACELET, just like the universally known symbol of Yin and Yang. Nothing is 100% Yin or 100% Yang. Everything evolves according to the context. Yin and Yang are not opposite, they exist in function of each other. Just like the Maya, the Taoists consider that in the universe, there is a powerful force that controls all the other forces. This force is called Tao, and it contains both the Yin and Yang in it. For the Taoists, art consists in living in harmony with this grand force. It is the same for the Maya. Nothing is too black or too white, and the Mayan spiritual guides teach us to live in harmony with the elements. They do not preach inflexibility, but flexibility and complementarity in each thing.

Together on the VOLCANIC ENERGETIC BRACELET, with deep respect, these two symbolic and prestigious philosophies of life, the power of the jade, the volcanic force and number 13, are a way to transmit you this idea of complementarity and balance, so you can have it with you in every second of your life.

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100% of good vibes: the eggs are sculpted and polished by hand, under safe, legal and humane working conditions. Each egg takes 24 hours to be manufactured, with love and care.

100% of pure energy: the jade used in our jadeite jade eggs is extracted in Guatemala, from the surface of the mountains. Our jades are untreated, to provide you with extreme comfort, maximum hygiene and high energies. Our jades are all A-grade, the highest grade of jade.

100% of love: Joya Life works in conjunction with the humanitarian association of Hands of Faith, and devotes part of its profits to this association of women who need to raise their children alone in Guatemala. Joya Life gives them work and dignity.


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