Lifebox Energy Yin Yang

Our life is surrounded by positivism and negativism, something that helps you to motivate yourself, to learn and also to move forward and achieve your goals. But do you know what positivism could be atracted whenever you want it? It only takes a predisposition to do so and follow a few brief tips to become a true magnet of positive energy. I want to tell you about the Lifebox Energies Yin Yang pack from JoyaEnergy because ... 


They are here to help you!

I say YES for my happyness


The Lifebox Energies Yin Yang pack is a perfect energy balance that you can discover through this package. It is a pack made to help you to correctly balance your life, with positive energy that you help to take advantage of the best of the universe and debug negative of it. Because, only in this way will you maintain order and good perception of your life and what you want from it

  • It eliminates anguish
  • Recovers your mood
  • Raises your internal blocks
  • Moves you away from negative vibrations
  • By feeling better, protected, you will relax more
  • You project your energies better
  • You learn to live your life with happiness and positivism
  • You feel more radiant, wanting to get ahead
  • You increase your self-esteem and your image
  • You will walk towards the light where the opportunities are and purge the bad vibrations

" Discover what your ENERGY is"


Lifebox Energy Yin Yang?

100% pure energy! 100% wellness and positive vibes! 100% love! All the benefits of the energetic magic in one single pack:

An energetic bracelet consisting of 20 natural pearls including two jadeite jade, A category, untreated but blessed by a Mayan shaman during a special ceremony performed for you and your well-being.  The 18 stones volcanic, collected on the surface of Guatemalan volcanoes come from the magma of the bowels of the earth and provide them all the earth's magnetic force removing the negative waves. The lava stones born from the magma of the earth, radiate all the magnetic force of the earth.  

Jade ice is one of the purest jades that exist. Its energy is yang, it is pushed towards the light, towards the elevation. Black jade is one of the rarest, most precious jades in the world. We only find it in Guatemala. It binds you to your Yin energy, to your deep resources, helps you draw your inner strength. We only find it in Guatemala. It binds you to your Yin energy, to your deep resources, helps you draw your inner strength.

The jades are hand-carved by Mayan craftsmen and the bracelet is hand-made by women of the Hands of Faith association. Buying the Bracelet, you also contribute to returning the work to single women in Guatemala, which the Hands of Faith association actively supports. 

A 30-minute talk with energetic experts in order to help you as soon as possible to restore order to your life to feel better in your skin and in your life.This energetic expert offers you true support and the millenary energy of yin and yang that will feed you from these complementary forces and balance you  in an ancestral knowledge of the Mayan energy as well as other techniques that gave evidence over time.

 This does not end here, for any questions, you can meet and talk with the energy expert for whatsapp for 20 days, which continues to monitor your case after your call. 

 Taking this pack, you automatically become a member of the select Joya Energy VIP Club and receive a e-book dedicated to wellness about 15000 posts on topics of personal development, well-being, couple, luck, money, fashion, beauty, astrology, podcasts, relaxation music, games, quiz to win magnificent rings of a value of 4000 dollars 

And you can also discover your Mayan energy, your nahual, the animal and the energy that represents you for the Maya and that protects you.

For only $39.00, offer yourself the chance to truly change and feel better! To be a better version of yourself. To be more comfortable in your own skin, in your time, in your environment and with all your skills! Do not miss this opportunity.

International Payment 39 USD


Danièle Feraud

At first, it seemed like something out of this world, but I really felt much calmer since I started wearing this bracelet. It's beautiful and I can guarantee it is a very well made piece and now I can live my life peacefully, think more clearly and enjoy things better.

Carlos Rodríguez

I was a bad guy, always arguing with my neighbors and co-workers. I was always fighting, sometimes unnecessarily. Since I decided to buy the Volcanic Joya Life Bracelet, I have been free from these bad thoughts and now I am a much happier, calm and patient person. I have found love, I am more dedicated to making better use of my free time and feel that this is the happiest stage of my life.

Patricia Méndez

I used to feel trapped in anguish and loneliness. I was feeling tired and often, I realized that everything was going wrong. I looked for ways to cleanse myself from these energies, but nothing seemed to work until I found the magical secret behind the Volcanic Joya Life Bracelet. Without a doubt, I am someone else. I no longer feel that grief that would not leave me alone. I feel free and I even started to exercise to take advantage of this new sea of energies I am feeling now. I have recently met a girl who I think will be good for me. I could not be more grateful to Joya Energy right now.

Jhon Smith

I felt trapped, addicted, sad and with no strength to move on. A while ago, a friend showed me the fantastic world of Joya Life and I was able to experience the magic behind the Volcanic Joya Life Bracelet. Together with the essential oil, this beautiful piece helped me to feel better and better, moving away from that life that did not promise me a great future and making me understand that I can be better every day. It has a sweet and delicious aroma that lingers! And the best of all, the design is spectacular and makes me feel stylish.

Liu Zhang

This pack is absolutely wonderful. I am completely amazed by the spectacular essential oils and it is amazing how long their aroma last. I feel fresh all day, from the moment I get up, always with the spirit and desire to move on. Without a doubt, it was the best decision I could make, I feel energized and in a good mood all the time!

Barbara Brown

I believe that this pack has changed my life since I had the opportunity to get it. I have never felt such a great peace of mind, immense tranquility, and I have been able to get rid of the stress caused by my work and personal problems. I see life in a different way. Thanks to the volcanic rocks bracelet and its energizing essential oil, my day-to-day life is filled with new opportunities and lots of light. Thank you, Joya Energy!

Adalia Schmidt

The Cardamom Essential Oil pack put an end to my stress. As soon as I started using it, I have been feeling good and the best of all is that I am a completely renewed person. Now, my soul is at peace and ready to follow its path. I do not regret it, it has been my best acquisition this year, and it has opened the door for new opportunities and given me the youth to keep fighting even harder.

Maurycy Brzozowski

Many people have asked me what is happening to me and why I have changed so much. This is due to the Cardamom Essential Oil pack, which revitalized me in a sensational way. My inner energy now makes sense and I am willing to break through all the energy barriers that affected me, but I could not see. But now, my inner blocks have disappeared, for the sake of my life and now I can reconnect with the positive things that will make the best of the universe flow in my life.

Jean Coverfield

The gratitude I show you today is very little compared to what you have done for us. My family and I will be forever grateful, after facing bankruptcy and with so little to eat, my life took a surprising turn. I received the call of a transnational company to offer me the job of my life. With high income and multiple benefits for me and my family. I do not know what I can do to thank you for such valuable help.

Amalia Sánchez

Money has flowed through my life since I discovered the Cardamom Essential Oil pack, because this product has only brought me the energy I needed. Beautiful friendships and especially the love of my life came back to me. It's incredible, I still can’t believe that so many good things have happened in my life since I started using it. I feel protected and at peace, ready to take on new challenges with my self-image and high self-esteem. Now I feel younger, more dynamic and reconnected with the energy of the universe.

Christina Scot

Without a doubt, the best investment I’ve ever made was to buy the Cardamom Essential Oil pack. The energy I have gained through this kit has led me to make the best decisions recently and as a consequence, achieve my goals in tune with my positive energy, reducing stress, making me smile again, dissolving inner blocks, and stopping negative vibrations, making me feel fully protected.

Jessica Edwards

I already know what to give to my loved ones so they can achieve happiness, just like I did. The Cardamom Essential Oil pack is incredible, because it’s brought me love and friendship. It makes me sleep better, and consequently, I can recover better. My skin has completely changed for the better, making me feel like a new person with high self-esteem, knowing that I have new opportunities and challenges to become a better person each day.